Huckleberry Bey ~ Paradigm - QVC SR


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Wow!  Huck looks great in most colors, but this glossy dapple grey is spectacular on him!  This release was only produced for QVC in 2001.

This fellow is Factory Mint (other than that his foot peg broke off which happens to 99% of this model) and absolutely stunning!  If he had been the first Huck I'd seen, I'd be collecting them!  His depth of color is extraordinary, with a warmer color on the back of his hindquarters and tip of his mane, tons of dapples, deep shading, diagonal socks, a gorgeous face with inner ear, eye, and muzzle shading, and a gorgeous glossy finish!  This guy has it all!  He comes with his original plastic disc base, which will of course be wrapped separately.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #none assigned