JAH Special Edition Stablemate Gift Set-First Release of G2 SMs

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1998 was an exciting year for Breyer collectors, as it came with this introduction of a whole new set of twelve Stablemate molds - the first new ones since the scale was introduced in 1975.  They made the introduction in grand style, with this limited edition release of the full set of new molds in colors exclusive to this set.  Only 5000 sets were made, available only to "Just About Horses" magazine subscribers, and each set was numbered.

We are extremely fortunate to be able to offer this set.  All of the models have been stored in their original presentation box since purchase, and the set comes not only with its Certificate of Authenticity, but the congratulatory letter from Breyer on its purchase and a copy of the original order form!  (Original owner's information may be blacked out.)  The outer box has a couple of digs in it, and there's a bit of a watermark on the title sheet on the front, but finding a complete set like this that has been well-stored for almost twenty years is a great find. This set is serial #1722.


Details on each model are below:


Cantering Warmblood, Black Pinto:  Factory Mint with bold markings and shaded buff hooves.

Paso Fino, Dun:  Factory Mint with no paint inside the groove of his right hind cannon (missed at the factory). This could be touched up or left as part of his production history. His shading is deep and gorgeous with a dark dorsal stripe.

Rearing Arabian, Sorrel:  Factory Mint with shaded flaxen mane and tail, four glossed socks, and shaded hocks, genitals and inner ears.

Andalusian, Dapple Grey:  Near Mint with two pinpoint white specks or light rubs on his left barrel and a speck of factory black paint under his left front fetlock. He features dramatic shading and subtle dapples.

Thoroughbred, Grey:  Near Mint with a pinpoint light rub on his right hip and a thin shiny place on his left barrel. He features beautiful shading, not only on his body, but on his mane, tail and face as well. He wears a masked stripe with pink shading at the muzzle. He needs a tiny prop to stand securely. We recommend Museum Putty.

Shetland Pony, Dappled Palomino:  Factory Mint with lovely shading, a large masked star, and very subtle dapples.

Drafter, Grey Pinto:  Factory Mint with shaded hocks, knees and face. He features masked markings and a blaze with muzzle pinking.

Mule, Red Dun:  Factory Mint with a Mary's Cross marking, dark face, and shaded legs and genitalia.

American Saddlebred, Black:  Factory Mint with blue-on-white ribbons, a star and snip, and hind socks. He wears a semi-gloss finish.

Morgan, Red Bay:  Factory Mint with subtle shading, black points and a tiny star.

Appaloosa, Black Leopard:  Factory Mint with painted whites for a beautiful, opaque look (similar to chalkies but with a different finish),   He has well-done splatter spots, body, muzzle and genital pinking. He features a well-painted mane and two-tone tail where care was taken to paint the hairs at the transition. His finish is super smooth.

Pacer, Dark Sorrel:  Factory Mint with two socks, a shaded tail and masked stripe. He features lovely highlights.




Size:  Stablemates

Breyer Model #none assigned.  Serial number 1722/5000.