Lying Foal, Black Appaloosa

Lying Foal, Black Appaloosa


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The adorable Lying Foal has captured the hearts of collectors since she debuted in 1969.  Black Appaloosa is one of the original releases.  Though the model isn't hard to find today, finding one with her original box is pretty special, and brochures from back in 1979 are hard to find in their own right.

This cutie is in Excellent to Near Mint with ear edge rubs, tiny nostril rubs, a tail tip rub, a pinpoint rub on her back, along with slight wear on the edge of her right hind hoof.  (Note: We don't count rubs where the model rests on the shelf, which is normally the bottoms of feet, but for this model is the whole underside of the horse.)  She shows slight yellowing, so she should brighten right up if you sunbathe her for a few days.  She appears to be a lovely, early piece, with a grey hind hoof, mold detailing including hairs and hoof bulbs on her right fore hoof, lots of Appy spots, and muzzle and inner ear pinking (left ear only, as is often the case).  She also shows the most mold bumps (pinpoint freckle-sized bumps) I've seen, also indicating an early production, as the tiny pits in the steel tool that made them began to fill in with plastic over time.   She displays really well and is a nice example of this release.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #165

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