Shire Gelding ~ Gawain - Vintage Club

Shire Gelding ~ Gawain - Vintage Club


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Gawain is a unique decorator model - The first Breyer flockie in almost 40 years!  He is the first unicorn on the Shire Gelding (aka Shannondell) mold.  He sports a snow-white, fuzzy coat with brushable white mane and tail accented with light blue and sparkly hairs, like some of the 1980s flockies had.  His white horn has a silver spiral.  He comes with a garland of blue roses, a hang tag, COA folder, and a vintage-style picture box.  He was only available to members of the 2022 Vintage Club.  Only 750 were made.

This fellow is still in his factory sealed box! The white cardboard shipping box appeared unopened, but we weren't positive, so we opened it and found that his full-color box is still factory taped closed, so we're leaving him sealed… You'll be the first to see him, as if you'd bought him straight from Breyer!  He comes complete with his COA brochure (which is sent in the shipping box, outside of his full-color box) and shipping box.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712429

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