Shire Mare ~ Defiant - Breyer Crystal

Shire Mare ~ Defiant - Breyer Crystal


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Add some sparkle to your herd!  This beautiful crystal version of the rarely used Shire mold is just magnificent.  The Shire Mare mold, sculpted by Kathleen Moody, has only had two public releases (plus one test piece) prior to this crystal, and both were in porcelain.  To-date, it has never been produced in plastic!  Fans of the mold grab these releases and don't let go.  Because of that, this beautiful piece is one of the hardest Breyer crystals to find, with only 750 made, which were only available at Breyerfest 2019.

He is Factory Mint in original box which is Near Mint.

Being solid glass, they are both very fragile and heavy.  They are recommended for adult collectors only.  This guy, boxed, weighs around 1 pound.  (That's more than a Traditional Breyer model!)  Use caution removing him from his box to avoid breaking any parts that might catch in the foam.


Size:  Approximately 5" tall.

Manufacturer's Model #711193

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