Smilodon ~ Stray Cat, Jungle Version - REBOR Museum Class Replicas

Smilodon ~ Stray Cat, Jungle Version - REBOR Museum Class Replicas


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The Smilodon Populator, commonly called the Sabertooth cat (previously Sabertooth Tiger) is a top predator of his age, and you can easily see why!  His massively muscular body and saber-like eye teeth mean there's very little that he couldn't conquer. 

REBOR's Smilodon, which they named "Stray Cat," has been made in multiple color releases.  This is the Jungle release, colored with the orange coat and rosette markings of a leopard, that would help him blend in with the jungle shadows as he stalks his prey.  His belly fades to cream color, helping him cool off when he lies in the shade.

Stray Cat comes with TWO heads:  one with an open mouth, one closed, so you can pose him as you like for display.  The attachment of the heads is specially designed to be almost invisible, and they did a great job with that!  Their coats are hand-painted with soft blending and great details.  Each Smilodon comes in a full-color picture box with shaped foam insert to keep him safe.  These guys aren't hollow, either - They're solid and heavy!  Each weighs almost 2 pounds.

REBOR Museum Class Replicas are accurately created sculptures with realistic paint and plenty of details to reward those who like to look closely.    They are designed for adult collectors and are the top name in prehistoric sculptures.

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Series:  Museum Class Replica

Size:  Approx 8" Long by 5" High

Model #160925

REBOR models are intended for adult collectors and may contain small parts, sharp points, and other features not suitable for young children.

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