2021 Breyer Retiring List

We've been waiting for it - Here it is!  Which of your favorite models are being retired?  Breyer is already out of most of these, so if we have any in stock that you haven't added to your herd yet, don't wait!  Once we're out, they're gone for good.

If we have the model in stock as of the time I'm writing this article, it will have a link below.  If the link goes to a "404-Page Not Found" error, the item has since sold out.



699 Country Stable with Wash Stall
62054 Cupcake
62121 Hope, 2021 Horse of the Year
62206 Zoe and Zander Unicorn Foals
62212 High Tide
62214 Solaris Unicorn


6048 Glitter Unicorn Gift Collection; 4 pc Set
6052 Unicorn Foal Surprise
6900 Horse Singles:  Grey Icelandic, Sorrel Appy Loping QH, Palomino Pacer, Bay Paso Fino, Sorrel QH, Black Pinto Rearing Arabian, Bay Roan Shetland Pony, Bright Bay Trotting Warmblood


1435 Lil' Ricky Rocker - Champion Appaloosa
1773 Voyeur - Champion Show Jumper
1821 Stingray - Champion Barrel Racer
1822 The Gangsters - Driving Ponies Set
1826 Avatar's Jazzman - Morgan Eventer
1827 Favory Airella Gift Set - Lipizzaner Mare and Foal
1833 Thriller
1839 Ideal Series - American Paint Horse - inspired by art of Orren Mixer
1845 Old Glory (ours are on the way!)
1850 Steele (available in-store only)


88012 Brown Hare 
88026 African Elephant Calf
88033 Western Gorilla
88078 Yorkshire Terrier  
88086 Doberman Pinscher  
88095 Emperor Penguin
88115 Grey Donkey  
88166 Giant Panda
88219 Giant Panda Cub
88301 Llama
88320 Tylosaurus 
88378 Mallard Duck  
88380 Texas Longhorn Bull  
88413 Tiger Cub
88417 Lion Cub
88451 Chestnut Tennessee Walking Horse Foal  
88492 Chimpanzee Male
88506 St Bernard   
88555 Rajasaurus
88559 Triceratops (1:15 Scale) 
88560 Brown Bear 
88568 Beluga Whale
88585 Sorrel Quarter Horse
88644 Chestnut Standardbred Pacer Stallion
88660  Xenoceratops
88661 Tiger Shark
88670 Chestnut Thoroughbred Foal - Walking  
88752 Schnauzer 
88793 Chocolate Rocky Mountain Mare
88818 Ceratosaurus w/Movable Jaw-Deluxe 1:40 Scale
88833 Hippopotamus
88834 Blue Whale
88846 American Cream Draft Stallion
88850 Zebra Foal 
88895 Puffin 


What we have is selling quickly, as is everything this year... Don't wait and regret missing something, or be forced to buy it on the secondary market for a much higher price! 


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