Breyer Out Of Stocks Through Year-End

We were just given this important information!

Breyer is out of stock on the following items and will not get more this year:

1345 Secretariat

1435 Lil Ricky Rocker

1497 Gypsy Vanner

1708 Snowman

1818 Cascade & Caspian

1827 Favory Airiella Set

6051 70th Anniversary Mystery Surprise (discontinued permanently)

6052 SM Mystery Unicorn Foal Surprise: Clydesdale, Idocus & ?

6052 SM Mystery Unicorn Foal Surprise: Magnolia, Alborozo & ?

6920 SM Singles: Alborozo Rose Grey

6920 SM Singles: Cantering Morgan, Black

6920 SM Singles: Cob ~ Mustang, Grey Pinto

6920 SM Singles: Irish Draft ~ Appaloosa Sport Horse

6920 SM Singles: Standing Friesian, Dun

6920 SM Singles: Standing Thoroughbred ~ Palomino Paint Horse

30019 Mini Whinnies Horses


As of the writing of this blog post, we have limited inventory available on items above that have links, and are out of those without links.  It is entirely possible that Breyer will choose to retire some of these out-of-stock models, so if you've been putting off grabbing some of them, you might want to do it soon.  If you get a 404 page when clicking a link, we've sold out of that model.

I expect this list will only grow as we get closer to the holidays.  Supply and shipping issues continue around the world, and Breyer is no exception.  This is a year to get your holiday shopping done early, because there's a very real chance that a lot of items will be out before December first (not just Breyer - Advice in general).

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