Breyer "Swag" has Arrived!

This year for the first time, Breyer has allowed us to purchase officially licensed "swag" (clothing and lifestyle items).  The items were produced to order, so we had to place our order by the deadline with the knowledge that if we sell out, we cannot get more.

We opted to bring in four items, and they've just arrived!  Since these are so new to the Breyer brand, and since you can't shop in-store to feel them and look them over yourself, I figured I'd give you my review of each.

I know you're not going out to shows or the beach right now, but since these are a one-time buy, you may want to grab them to have ready when when we can get back out into the world.  We consider them a little more pricey than we would have liked, but since they were made to order, we're hoping that if they sell well, Breyer will be able to negotiate a better price for future designs.


If you'd like to order any, you can click the item name or photo below to go straight to its product page in our store.

Breyer Logo Baseball Cap

These are great quality, with a high thread count and soft feel.  We were very impressed.  The color is bright and the embroidered logo is very well done.  They have an adjustable Velcro closure on the back to they should be able to fit most adults and teenagers.  We also love that the style of the hat makes it just as suitable for men as for women. $19.95


Breyer Silhouettes Tote Bag

Breyer Horse Silhouettes Tote Bag at Triple Mountain Breyer Horse Silhouettes Tote Bag at Triple Mountain

Another A+ on this one!  We were afraid it might be plasticy, but were delighted to find it's actually printed on soft, strong canvas with soft cotton handles.  The print is crisp, with layers of black and white model silhouettes that may keep you staring at it for hours, trying to identify every one you see.  It's also big enough that we were able to fit both a 70th Anniversary boxed Andalusian (he's a big guy) and a boxed Classic High Tide into it at the same time, with room left for a wallet or several Stablemates!  The Breyer logo stands out beautifully on the front and the inside is lined in fabric patterned with Breyer logos as well.  They spared no detail on this one!  $24.95


Beach Towels:

Breyer Horses Beach Towels at Triple Mountain

We hung them on our store shelves so you can see how big they are!  Below are closeups to better show the beautiful details.

Breyer Blue Horses Beach Towel at Triple Mountain Breyer 70th Anniversary Horses Beach Towel at Triple Mountain

We know what you're thinking - You may not be going to the beach or pool parties this summer to show them off.  But we've discovered that the velvety fronts on these and soft white reverse sides make them great for other uses, too.  They'd be wonderful for wrapping models in, and we're personally going to use one or more as curtains for my Horse Room.  The blue pattern will match many people's decor, while the colorful 79th anniversary one will brighten up any room and is even suitable as a wall hanging on its own, since it depicts Breyer history.

The Blue Horses print features horses in ocean colors:  blues, greens and a spray of white.  You'll recognize the models and enjoy the soft feel.

The 70th Anniversary pattern, made only for this year, is super neat:  Each silhouette stands in front of the year that model debuted!  From the Western Horse in 1950 right through Georg in 2019, this is a beautiful walk down memory lane!  Breyer history has never been so colorful!  One panel includes the 70th Anniversary logo. 

I will warn you, the first impression of these was that they were pretty thin for the price.  However, it's just because they were packed flat and compressed... I ran mine through the washer and dryer, and it came out fluffier and softer with any damage at all to the printed velvety microfiber front.  These are a bit pricey at $29.95 (we had to pay $26 for them) but they're something not many collectors will have, and that if taken care of, should last you forever. I am excited to hang mine in my Horse Room and enjoy the burst of cheerful color it will bring!



[Please note:  Prices quoted in this blog were accurate at the time of publication but may have changed if you are reading this after April, 2020.  Please view each item's page for current pricing, availability, and ordering information.]

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