Copperfox Is Closing

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Today is a sad day... Copperfox has just announced that they will be closing on August 14th, and that no new models will be produced, including the much-anticipated new Shire.

As many of you know, we were fans of Copperfox from the start, or before the start, since we supported their kickstarter to raise the company's initial funding. We loved the idea of more models being available, loved their sculpts, and were a big fan of the owner, Becky Benfield, who started selling models at age 16 and grew Utterly Horses to become one of Europe's largest dealers.

We shamelessly hounded Becky from the beginning, determined to sell Copperfox models in the US, and in April of 2016, she made us their only dealer worldwide (outside of their own website).  It has been a wild ride, and we've enjoyed every minute of it.  We've shared your excitement at seeing new molds and colors, paced with you as we waited for that darn boat to dock, and cheered when they won at shows.  This spring Eleda got the honor of being one of the panel of judges for the Copperfox Custom Photo Show, which showcased some amazing custom work.

Becky does everything with integrity, so we've been happy to wave a flag for her these last few years.  We're very sad to see the Copperfox venture come to an end, but even that has been done with integrity and dignity, and for that we have the utmost respect.

You can read Becky's announcement here:

The Copperfox models we have are now in greater demand than ever, since they will be the last available for sale in the US.  Numbers are already dwindling since the announcement this evening, and when we sell out, those limited edition runs will be gone forever.  If you're missing any Copperfoxes in your collection, I recommend you grab them as soon as possible.  You can shop our Copperfox models here:

We wish Becky all the best as this chapter comes to an end and a new one begins for her.


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