It's a New British Invasion!

Posted by Eleda Towle on

Triple Mountain Welcomes Copperfox Model Horses!

Seventy-three years and two months (almost to the day) after the Beatles appeared in the US on the Ed Sullivan Show, we have a new British Invasion!  This one goes by the name of Copperfoxmania, and since it centers around horses, we're loving every minute of it!

We're amazed how many people "camped out" to order their models at midnight, and now we're busy packing as many as we can to ship out today. 

Here are some pictures of them set up at our store:

Copperfox Model Horses at Triple Mountain

 Copperfox Model Horses at Triple Mountain

Order yours now right on our Copperfox page here or choose Copperfox from our home page's Shop menu.

Happy collecting!


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