Something's Coming...

Something's Coming....


You've seen the teaser, so what's going on?  Many collectors have already guessed... We're about to become the very first dealer in North America to carry Copperfox Model Horses!  We're fairly dancing with excitement, and we know a lot of you are, too.  We also know you have lots of questions.

This is a big step for Copperfox (and for us) with a lot of learning along the way.  Because of this, we're taking it slowly, to make sure everything goes well for everyone.  We hope to have a Debut date for you very soon - we're shooting for mid-April - and more information about the releases that are coming in this first shipment.  So stay tuned over the next couple weeks for updates and sneak peeks!

Meanwhile, you can read more about the Copperfox brand here.

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