Thank You for a Great Week of Donations!

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When we work together, we can make positive changes in our world!

Starting with Giving Tuesday this week, Triple Mountain pledged to donate 20% of our total sales to the non-profit Starting Point of NH, a women's shelter and organization fighting domestic abuse. 

We want to thank you all for your support through purchases this week, which have raised over $191.56 for Starting Point!  We'll make it an even $200, and that money will help pay for utilities at the home the organization keeps as a shelter, or to purchase fuel to help pick up women and children in crisis to get them to safety, as well as drive them to doctor's appointments and court appearances where volunteer advocates provide emotional and legal support. 

We also want to send a shout-out to thank all of the volunteers at Starting Point who are available 24 hours a day to rescue women and children who are in danger.  It's a difficult job, and we cannot show enough gratitude for the lives you save in our region.  We sincerely hope that one day your services will not be needed, and the work you're doing on educational programs for prevention is moving us toward that day.


While our donation week for Starting Point has come to an end, we hope you'll consider supporting local organizations in your area that don't get as much public attention (or funds) as national ones.  And, of course, our sale of models to benefit Harvest Hills Animal Shelter will continue as an ongoing community program here at Triple Mountain.

Happy Holidays to everyone!



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