2022 Holiday Horse - Foundation Morgan ~ Snowbird

2022 Holiday Horse - Foundation Morgan ~ Snowbird


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The 2022 Holiday Horse is a gorgeous fellow, outfitted in a rich, elegant holiday costume of blues and golds.  The trotting Foundation Morgan wears a grey coat and is adorned in a textured breast collar, brocaded saddle and headdress, all dripping with jewels, and is the first Holiday Horse in many years to not wear a bridle.  He brings holiday cheer at liberty, not needing guidance.  He carries holiday flowers and greenery to help you brighten up your home for the holidays.  This is a single-year release for the holidays of 2022.  Snowbird sports a shaded grey coat that ranges from near-black to snowy white. 

These are new inventory, straight from the manufacturer to our store, in their sealed boxes. 

Models marked as discounted because they "need repair" were from Breyer's first batch.  The hot glue that holds the bow of gold cord under their chin didn't hold, and the whole batch arrived in the US with their bows loose in their boxes.  (For later arrivals, Breyer opened and reglued the bows before shipping to retailers.)  So the "repair needed" is simply to reglue the bow under his chin... Save some money - Glue it yourself!  (While they last.)


Size: Traditional

Breyer Model #700125

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