American Black Bear

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She looks cute and cuddly, but if you see her in the woods, you don't want to mess with her!  Native to North America, including here in Maine (we have a couple that visit the triple mountain occasionally), black bears can weigh over 300 pounds and sport canine teeth as long as your finger.  Smart, resourceful omnivores, they eat everything from berries to meat to human food and trash. 

A clever female near North Conway, New Hampshire, learned how to open car doors several years ago, and has taught her cubs and other bears to do the same, creating a slew of summertime "break-ins" that leave a mess in the vehicle and quite a story to tell the insurance company.  NH Fish and Game now recommends people visiting the area lock their doors to prevent bears from making themselves at home inside (and tearing up your upholstery)!



Size:  3.5" long x 2.4" tall

Model #88698