Andalusian Stallion, Palomino (International Release)

Andalusian Stallion, Palomino (International Release)


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CollectA's popular Andalusian Stallion mold goes golden with this palomino release, starting in 2023.  This is the only promo photo we have, so we know he sports four socks and a stripe.  These are not available to US retailers through Breyer, so we've purchased them from an international retailer and are having them shipped to us in the US.  Because of this, they cost us more to procure for you than ones we can order from Breyer, hence their slightly higher price.  We may be the only retailer in the US carrying them, and are happy we could get some for you!

These are new inventory, straight from the manufacturer to our store.


Size: Approx 1:20 scale

Model #88984

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