Arabian - Original ~ Savannah Dancer - Glossy

Arabian - Original ~ Savannah Dancer - Glossy

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A beautiful release in Stone's Signature Series in 2003, Savannah Dancer was designed and painted by the talented Ed Gonzales.  She is a buckskin blanket Ara-Appaloosa with big, masked spots, solid legs and a blaze. Four versions were made.  The total run was 250, but we don't know the breakdown between matte and glossy, customized and non-customized.  They include a decal of Ed's signature in gold under their bellies, and you can tell the artists for this series took pride in their paint work.

This beautiful girl is the non-customized, glossy model.  She is Factory Mint with a few specks in her finish as always.  She features really pretty mottling in her coat and tiny mottling around her eyes, muzzle, and genitals, all under a lovely gloss coat.


Size:  Traditional (approx 1:9 scale)

Model #:AR18080B

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