Belantis Resin, with Base (Charity Benefit)

Belantis Resin, with Base (Charity Benefit)


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This beautiful Warmblood is Isabell Werth's Belantis.  Belantis is a gorgeous dapple grey German Sport Horse who was was the champion of his 2-year-old licensing tests, scoring a perfect 10 for his trot and a 9.2 overall.   He has sired some lovely foals, but was gelded in 2018 following a testicular torsion (ie:  twisted testicular tube.  Ouch.)  He is now performing at Grand Prix level under Isabell's tutelage and is definitely a horse to watch at the highest levels.

[Belantis with Isabell Werth, performing his amazing extended trot. Photo credit]


His portrait model is a 1:9 scale (Traditional-size) "industrial resin" piece sculpted by Morgen Kilbourn.  Belantis is a shaded dapple grey, just like his namesake.  These resins are given lots of detailing, from multi-colored eyes and pink in their nostrils, to striped hooves and shaded muzzle.  Each is truly hand-painted - They don't use masking or stamps, which is awesome.  Expect differences from the pictured model, as well as imperfections that come from hand-painted pieces.  We've included a photo of two models that show some of the largest variation from each other, just for fun.  Like a real horse, he'll be absolutely unique!

Belantis comes in a lovely black box with gold accents and a photo of the real horse on the cover.  It holds the horse safely in a heavy closed-cell foam insert.  He also comes with a lovely Certificate of Authenticity (printed in German).  When opening the box, the base is in the first layer of foam, and the horse is kept separated in a second section below it.  The base is also made of resin, but painted to look like dark wood.  The horse can be removed from the base, and attaches to it via two heavy metal pegs in his feet.  They stand securely and display beautifully!

Isabell Werth is a spokesperson for Christoffel Blindenmission (, a German-based charity that helps prevent and treat blindness in countries with low income.  All profits from its sale to us were donated to this charity by WIA.


These are new inventory, straight from the manufacturer to our store.  Resins are very heavy and are breakable.  They are intended for adult collectors, not for play. 

Remove him from his box carefully, paying attention to the pegs in his feet, which may stick in the foam insert.  Every Belantis box has some minor damage (corner wrinkling, etc) to the cardboard outer box, but all the horses are perfectly fine - They were inspected when they got to Germany and again when they arrived here to insure there was no breakage in transit.


Size:  Approx. 1:9 scale (similar to Breyer Traditional)

Manufacturer's Model # IW-Belantis

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