Black Beauty, Custom Sooty Dun Pinto

Black Beauty, Custom Sooty Dun Pinto


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This pretty boy is a custom "reject" by Kayla Lovejoy, unsigned.  This nearly finished custom is actually a pretty boy, so we're not sure why she didn't finish him.  He has a little scratch on his left shoulder some tiny ear edge rubs.  His eyes and light hoof are not painted, but his body is very pretty, with a speckly coat, deep sooty shading, a dorsal stripe and leg barring, and minimal white pinto markings.  I don't believe he's been clearcoated, so although he feels solid, I'm not sure how he'd travel in the heat.  As with all customs, we recommend putting him into our Hold Your Horses program until temps cool between your location and ours, and then requesting shipping when temps are comfortable.


Size:  Classic

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