Cantering Warmblood, Bay Pinto - JC Penney SR

Cantering Warmblood, Bay Pinto - JC Penney SR


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The Cantering Warmblood wore this lovely bay pinto coat only for the JC Penney's Parade of Breeds III set for the holidays in 2006.  He sports a two-tone mane and tail and a masked stripe, and is very hard to find these days.

This lady is Near Mint with no rubs or marks, only slight yellowing, noticeable mainly on her right hindquarter. Sunbathe her for a few days to brighten that area back up easily.  She features a gold undercoat, and in some places, the bay masking was very slightly off, allowing some gold to peek through along the edge of a marking... Kind of a neat look.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #410176

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