Day at the Vet Set with Warmblood Foal, Jack Russell and Stretching Kitty


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Do you know someone who is having some health problem?  Let them know you're thinking of them and lift their spirits with this fun set where they can help the friendly vet keep their new foal and his friends healthy.

The Warmblood Foal is done in rich buckskin with a large star (or stripe?) and one hind sock.  He comes with a cheerful blanket that matches the vet's jacket.  Set includes foal, blanket, vet, vet bag, stethoscope, bucket, and two friends:  a black and tan Jack Russell Terrier and a ginger striped stretching kitty.


Currently we also have one set discounted because the cat has been removed.  If he wasn't your reason for wanting the set, save some money to get a set without him!  All other parts of the set are still attached in their original box.


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #:  62028