Fighting Stallion ~ Leopold - Vintage Club

Fighting Stallion ~ Leopold - Vintage Club


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One of Breyer's most popular molds of all time sports one their most popular coat colors of all time!  Leopold is the second release for the 2019 Vintage Club, and only 500 were made of this stunning guy!  He features the coat color and pattern of the old Appaloosa Performance Horse, who was the most complicated Breyer pattern ever made at the time of his release.  Leopold wears a light coffee bay coat with resist dapples, an airbrushed extended blanket, and masked spots in the same pattern as the APH.  He also has striped hooves and wears a blue ribbon sticker bearing his name.

This fellow is Factory Mint but with an odd factory flaw:  These were billed as chalky, and we all complained that they weren't.  Well, he appears to have a very thin wash of white paint on his back and rump, but it ends abruptly with a straight line on both sides of his barrel, leaving raw plastic under his belly.  There are also areas within that white paint wash that appear to have been missed with paint or removed by being stuck to his original wrappings?  I've never noticed this white wash on any of the other Leopolds we've had, but I'll be looking more closely from now on.  In any case, it's interesting, and despite how I described it, it's invisible except on close inspection.  He has dappling even on the front of his face, unlike many that fade to white, and he still wears his metallic blue ribbon sticker and comes with his COA pamphlet, which designates him as #146/500.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712285

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