Mariah ~ Tabitha - Halloween Web Special

Mariah ~ Tabitha - Halloween Web Special


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Merry meet!  Tabitha is a witch-themed decorator that was only available from the Breyer website for Halloween of 2022.  She wears a blue/purple interference paint pinto coat with glow-in-the-dark whites that hide images of friendly witches, ravens, and a cloud-shrouded full moon.  She came in a specially designed cardboard shipping box with purple silhouettes of horses, cauldrons, witch hats, and more!

This fancy girl is Factory Mint, straight from the box.  She has lots of cool blue-purple interference paint that gives her a color-change look.  She comes with her original hang tag, bubble wrap and box.

[We have two available, both straight from Breyer to us.  Photos are of one of them.]


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #712451

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