Retail Display Case (Base Only)- 1980s

Retail Display Case (Base Only)- 1980s


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In the 1980s, Breyer offered certain retailers a window / counter display to show off some of their most popular models.  Models were sold in cardboard boxes at that time, so you couldn't actually see the horse inside.  These displays gave you an opportunity to see some of the horses, while still protecting them to keep the store display looking neat.  The display consisted of a pine wood base with a green fabric topper, through which screws attached the models to the base.  It was covered with a clear lucite (aka PlexiGlas) case to keep them safe and dust-free.  A sticker on the lucite case gave the Brand name.  Below is a photo of one of these cases in use in the 1980s:


[Reference photo only.  Does not depict condition or inclusions of item available here.]


What we have available for sale is the base from one of these 1980s cases.  There is no lucite cover (it was damaged and discarded many years ago), and it does not come with models.  It is the pine wood base with green fabric attached.  Screw holes show where models were once attached, and could be again, if you gather the horses to rebuild the display.

It is in Very Good to Excellent condition for what it is.  One end has lost its finish and shows a little water staining on the underside.  There is some minor discolortion on most areas of the wood frame.  Fabric is intact other than the holes the factory made to attach models with screws.  Screw holes can be seen on the underside.  One board has a narrow crack (only seen on the underside) from age.  We'd love to see this go to someone who plans to have a new lucite case built to fit over it and rebuild the display.  What an amazing piece it would be then! 


The challenge with this piece will be shipping cost - It's over 3 feet long and weighs over ten pounds when boxed.  It will be shipped insured.  Shipping cost will calculate at checkout for your location, before you finalize your order.


Size:  Approx 37" x 15.5" x 1"

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