Stock Horse Stallion ~ Skipster's Chief

Stock Horse Stallion ~ Skipster's Chief


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Most people associate Lynn Anderson with country music or her most famous Quarter Horse, Lady Phase.  Lynn was an incredible and caring horse woman, and she did something else - She was one of the inspirations for equine-assisted therapy!  A friend had a large animal shelter, and while holding a birthday party there for one of her daughters, Lynn brought another of her Quarter Horses for the kids to ride:  Skipster's Chief.  One of the attendees was in a wheelchair, and with his mother's permission, Lynn and friends helped lift him into Chief's saddle, where, Lynn's daughter Lisa says, "The effect—the transformation—was almost instantaneous. Suddenly, a child that might never have known what it was like to experience life at his full height was just as big as anyone, when he was sitting tall in the saddle."  The owner of the shelter went on to build Saddle Up, one of the first therapeutic riding centers, inspired by that day and Chief's affect on that young man.

[Skipster's Chief with Lynn Anderson]


Breyer honored Chief with this portrait on the Stock Horse Stallion mold, called "Skipster's Chief, Famous Therapeutic Riding Horse.  It shows off his flaxen mane and tail, wide blaze and four socks.  The model was only available in 1991-1992.

This fellow is Near Mint with two pinpoint rubs on his rump, and that's it!  He features bright whites and a beautifully shaded face, including shading around his eyes and muzzle pinking.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #842

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