Breyer's 2019 Discontinued List is Here!

The Breyer disco list is out for 2019!  It's a month earlier than last year, and that's great for planning your holiday shopping or wish list.


This means that all of the items on the list have already had production ceased - Breyer will sell their remaining stock to dealers and then that's it.  Many of these items have already sold out at Breyer, so what dealers have is all there is left.  If you've been on the fence about buying someone, it's time to jump that fence and bring the horse home before he's gone forever!


What surprised us by being on the list this year?

Breyer Zena Unicorn at Triple Mountain

Our biggest surprise was Zena the unicorn, who only appeared in stores late this spring.  She has sold well for us, so seeing her on the list was unexpected.  Our other big surprise was the Stablemates Paint Your Own Farm set, as again, this his been popular with our customers and is great for creating your own props for dioramas.  We have just a few left of each, and expect them to sell quickly. 



Here's the full list!

Please note, the in-stock status listed below was current when this article was published.  If an item's link doesn't work, it has since sold out.  I hope you'll order soon so you don't miss out!  Remember, we have a payment plan available to make budgeting easier, too!


Breyer Paint Your Own Farm at Triple Mountain










Craft and Activity Sets

4089 Chalkboard Horse - Sold out
4115 Customizing - Arabians - Sold out
4209 Paint Your Own Farm



 Breyer Wind Dancers Surprise blind bags at Triple Mountain




Mini Whinnies and Pocket Animals

300181 Mini Whinnies Surprise Bags Series 2
1583 Pocket Box Dogs
100135 Wind Dancers Surprise Bags



  Breyre Stablemates Mystery Horse Surprise blind bags at Triple Mountain








5349 Truck & Gooseneck Trailer - Sold out
5359 CollectiBull® Rodeo - Sold out
5932 Frolicking Foals Pocket Barn - Sold out
5970 CollectiBull® singles - Sold out
6039 Mystery Horse Surprise Bags
59202 Riding Academy - Sold out



  Breyer Classic Saddlebred Mason, 2018 Horse of the Year at Triple Mountain







688 3-Horse Stable - Sold out
923 Grey Arabian
925 Bay Appaloosa Mustang (on Mesteno)
927 Dun Quarter Horse Mare
935 Black Thoroughbred
940 Buckskin Paint American Quarter Horse Stallion
941 Grey Selle Francais
9149 Man O' War 100th Anniversary release - Sold out
61060 Mobile Vet Clinic - Sold out
61061 Sport Horse Family - Sold out
61089 Barrel Racing - Sold out
61091 Cutting Horse & Calf
62050 Starry Night
62058 Mason, 2018 Horse of the Year


 Breyer Babyflo at Triple Mountain






1357 Big Chex to Cash - Sold out
1728 Cloud's Encore - 4 pc Set - Sold out
1742 Picasso
1752 Rhapsody in Black
1753 Banks Vanilla
1757 American Pharoah
1760 Babyflo
1784 Cobra
1785 Slick By Design
1786 PVF Peace of Mind - Sold out
1787 Let's Go Riding English 
1788 Let's Go Riding Western 
1790 Zena
9180 American Pharoah Resin - Sold out

Espresso - Springtime Filly



  Breyer Nadia Schooling Rider at Triple Mountain







Traditional Accessories

546 Nadia Schooling Rider
1383 English Accessory Set - Sold out
2064 Turn Out Set
2072 Barrel Racing Tack Set


I hope you'll be able to grab the ones you want before they sell out! 

If others buy for you at the holidays, remember that you can email them (or send by Facebook, etc) your Triple Mountain wish list so they'll know which you want.


Happy collecting,



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