Our Top Easter Picks for Your Horse Lover

If you're looking for something more wholesome than candy for your horse lover's Easter basket, we're here to help!  We've put a whole bunch of Easter basket-sized models on sale ( Click here to go to the Easter Sale collection ) and have listed a few as our top picks here!

We've organized them by size so that even if you've never bought model animals before, it will be easy to find ones you'll enjoy giving on Easter.


Classic Size (1:12 scale, adults around 7" tall)

Classic models (around $15- $20) are a great centerpiece for your Easter display or basket.  Colorful unicorns are always a winner at Easter time, so here are our favorites in this size:


Breyer Solaris unicorn at Triple Mountain

This golden unicorn named for the sun is perfect for Easter sunrise.  He sports a metallic golden coat with warm highlights and a touch of glitter in his mane and tail.


Zoe and Zander:

Bryeer Zoe and Zander unicorns at Triple Mountain

These adorable unicorn foals wear spring-colored pastel coats with glittery manes and tails and will bring a smile to any horse lover's face.



Breyer Cupcake at Triple Mountain

What's better for an Easter celebration than cupcakes?  This pastry-themed pony wears a "chocolate" body with pink frosting and glitter sprinkles!  He has been a favorite at Triple Mountain since his release, and shows no signs of stopping.  He even comes in a colorful, themed box!



Stablemates Size (1:32 scale, adults average around 2" tall)

These little guys (individuals around $4, sets priced comparatively) are perfect for making a big impression.  For the same price as one Classic sized model, you can get several of these to sprinkle around a basket, create an Easter Pony Hunt, or place with table settings.  Here are our favorites for Easter:

Unicorn Blind Bags:

Breyer Stablemates Unicorn Blind Bags surprise unicorns at Triple Mountain

What could be more fun than colorful, pastel unicorns appearing on Easter?!  Each package contains one surprise unicorn.  Eight styles are possible. Will your horse lover discover the special "chase" piece, which is in just over 1% of packages?  That would be very lucky indeed!


Glitter Unicorns Set:

Breyer Stablemates Glitter Unicorns at Triple Mountain

A huge favorite of young horse and unicorn lovers, this set of four jewel-toned, semi-translucent unicorns contain glitter right in their plastic, making them sparkle and glow!  We expect to sell out of these for Easter, so to add some glittery sparkle to your celebration, you may want to grab a set soon!


Deluxe Horse Collection - New for 2020

Breyer Stablemates Deluxe Horse Collection at Triple Mountain

If your horse lover is a fan of realistic horses or they've been collecting for a while, this brand new set may be perfect for them!  New in 2020, it contains eight never-seen-before releases, some on new molds!  You'll wow even the most hard-core collector with this one, and kids will enjoy seeing all the different types and colors of horses in one place.


Mini Whinnies and Pocket Box Animals - (about .5 - 1" tall)

These tiny but fun little critters (priced around $2 - $3 each) are perfect for tucking into plastic eggs for a super fun hunt with less sugar but still plenty of sweetness!  They are also great for baskets and gifts between friends.  Just note their tiny size can make them a choking hazard for young children, so they're recommended for ages 5 and up.  For the price, you can grab handfuls of them to sprinkle throughout your special celebration!

Mini Whinnies Unicorns

Breyer Mini Whinnies Unicorns at Triple Mountain

Lots of color and magic in a tiny package!  Each package contains one mystery unicorn and all are adorable!


Pocket Box Dogs and Cats

Breyer Pocket Box Dogs at Triple Mountain   Breyer Pocket Box Cats at Triple Mountain

Have a doggie or kitty lover in the family?  These teeny, tiny pets each come in a blind bag that contains two dogs or two kittes, and an accessory.  Dogs may get a water dish; kitties a scratching post or a bed, among other items.  They come inside a tiny box that you can fit into your pocket so you can take them anywhere.  They also, it so happens, fit very well into plastic eggs!


Schleich and CollectA (approximately 4 - 5" tall)

Both brands (average around $8 for an adult horse, more for play sets) are favorites with young collectors and their parents.  They are made for rugged play, with a slightly bendable plastic that makes them more durable for galloping around the wild plains of the kitchen table or leaping to the floor.  CollectA is best known for realistic sculpts that mimic each horse's breed, making them popular with kids who love to learn about different horses.  They even include some rare breeds, sure to spark their quest for learning.  Schleich's horses are more generic, but very popular, and their play sets are the best of any brand we've seen, with lots of accessories to keep play going for many hours.  Here are our favorites for Easter:

CollectA Rainbow Unicorn Mare

Breyer By Collecta Unicorn Mare at Triple Mountain

Because she's rearing, she's perfect for peeking out of a basket!  This sweet girl wears a pearly white coat with pink and purple mane and tail and gold accents on her horn and hooves.


British Spotted Pony

Breyer by CollectA British Spotted Pony at Triple Mountain

A realistic depiction of the breed, this cutie wears a Leopard Appaloosa coat with both chestnut and grey shading in her mane and tail.  She's very popular with horse lovers of all ages, and one of our best sellers.


Box of Mini Horses, Farm Animals, Wild Animals, and Dinosaurs

Breyer by CollectA Box of Mini Farm Animals at Triple Mountain

Available in four varieties:  Horses, Farm Animals, Dinosaurs, and Wild Animals shown here) you get a whole herd of animals for one low price, all contained in a clear plastic carrying case. These are miniature versions of CollectA favorites, averaging about an inch tall, with some larger and some smaller.  They are all crafted and painted with as much detail as their larger cousins, and will inspire your animal lover with many exciting adventures! Each set comes with an insert to help identify each animal.


Schleich Appaloosa Tournament Play Set

Schleich Appaloosa Horse Tournament Training set at Triple Mountain

A perfect "big gift" for the young horse lover, this set includes three colorful Appaloosa horses, fences, a jump and more!


Schleich Star Pegasus

Schleich Star Pegasus at Triple Mountain

One of our favorites from Schleich is this deep purple Pegasus mare.  She has a pearly white mane and tail, clear wings decorated with purple stars, and accents of sparkling glitter.  She's sure to be the star of your basket!


We can't forget jewelry!  We have quite a few styles available, and all are on sale, but here are our top pics for Easter:

Bejeweled Horse Head Necklace

Bejeweled Hore Head Pendant at Triple MountainBejeweled Purple Horse Head Necklace at Triple Mountain

Available in either blue or purple, these pendants ($19.95) are big, sparkling and eye catching!  Each comes in a velvet-lined jewelry box suitable.


Unicorn Locket

Unicorn Locket at Triple Mountain

This pretty locket ($14.95) features a unicorn and rainbow within a silvery frame.  Open it to insert a photo, lock of your favorite horse's hair, etc.


Rainbow Unicorn Earrings

Rainbow Unicorn Earrings for Horse Lovers at Triple Mountain

Looking for something small and dainty that still has wow factor?  These small cabochon post earrings ($9.95) feature rainbow unicorns under a clear, shining finish.  They go with absolutely everything and are small enough to be respectable for adults while still being fun.  Oh yeah, and kids love them, too!


We hope these ideas inspire you to make it a fun, horse-filled Easter!

Click on the image of any item above to go directly to its page to order, or click here to view all items in our Easter sale collection!


Happy Easter!


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