Breyer Price Changes and Summer Updates

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It's mid-summer, and that generally means Breyer reduces their Minimum Price requirement on models that came out at the beginning of the year.  Since we sell at Breyer's Minimum Allowed Price, we watch for this change every year.  We've just gotten word of the new pricing and have reduced our prices to match.  You'll find even better prices now on great models like the Grey Shire (on Shannondell), Empres (on Ashquar), Latigo Dun It (on Smart Chic Olena) and more!

Buy Breyer Empres at Triple Mountain

New Mid-Year releases will maintain their current price through year-end, most likely, but this is a great time to buy any of the 2018s that you haven't purchased yet, as it's also the time dealers start to run low and if Breyer is planning to disco something, we may not be able to re-order it.  They don't give us an official disco list until November usually, but they start running their inventory down long before that, and once they're out, we can't get more.  So, if you've been on the fence about certain models, this is the best time to order them! 

Buy Breyer Latigo Dun It at Triple Mountain

Here's a list of models that we've just reduced.  Click the model's name to go to his page and give him (or her) a home!

Model Original Price New Price!
Babyflo $46.99  $     42.29
California Chrome $46.99  $     42.29
Black Beauty & Book set $24.99  $     21.95
Cosmus $24.99  $     21.95
Day Dreamer $21.99  $     19.95
Empres++++ $44.99  $     40.49
EZ To Spot $39.99  $     35.99
Forthwind $24.99  $     19.95
Hwin  $44.99  $     39.99
Latigo Dun It $46.99  $     42.29
Let's Go Riding - English - NEW $59.99  $     49.95
Let's Go Riding - Western Set $59.99  $     49.95
Mason, Horse of the Year $21.95  $     19.95
Milo w/ Blanket & Bracelet $26.99  $     24.29
Paint Me a Pepto  $46.99  $     42.29
Shadow w/ Blanket & Bracelet $26.99  $     24.29
Shire, Grey $49.99  $     44.99
Slick By Design $44.99  $     39.99
SM Dapples & Dots $19.99  $     14.95
SM Glow in the Dark 4 Horse Set $19.99  $     14.95
Van Gogh  $24.99  $     22.49
Zena $49.99  $     44.99


Buy Breyer California Chrome at Triple Mountain

California Chrome and Carltonlima Emma are now back in stock!    We're waiting on a shipping notice (hoping to see one any day) from Breyer on the new CollectA Box of Mini Horses and more of the Unicorn Blind Bags, which they sold out of.  They've been busy making more, and hope to have them for us sometime this month.  ...You know what that means - A whole new batch can mean slight variations in color from the first batch.  Can't wait to see them!

Buy Breyer Mason at Triple Mountain

In September we look forward to receiving the holiday items.  Our Celestine Holiday Horse is sold out, but we've requested more if they can add to the order.  If they can, we'll make them available as soon as possible.  Meanwhile, we have a few of each of the ornaments left, but not many, so order yours before they're gone!

Buy Breyer Justify Triple Crown Winner at Triple Mountain

In October, we're expecting the new Triple Crown winner Justify models.  You still have time to reserve yours... There's a Traditional, a Stablemate, and a holiday ornament that could come with either red or white silks (they're randomly sending both).

Stay tuned for more updates as they come in, and have fun shopping at the new, lower prices!

~ Eleda


[Note:  Any "broken" link above indicates that the model has sold out.  We'll get more if we can, and if the item comes back in stock, the link will begin working again.]

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