Collection: Christmas and other Holiday-Themed Items

Breyer Holiday Horses, Christmas ornaments, and sets - both current and retired - can be found here, along with Halloween horses and Independence Day horses!

Breyer has been producing a special Holiday Horse each year since 1997.  The first one was a simple Haflinger with a bow and bell around her neck, and colored leg wraps.  Since then, though, they've gone all out with both beautiful models and elaborate costumes for them.  Every year is different and spectacular.

They also produce a small variety of ornaments every year.  The stirrup ornament features a mini depiction of the Holiday Horse framed by a chrome-colored stirrup.  Others include carousel ornaments, Santa on horseback, blown glass ornaments, a Beautiful Breeds ornament series, and more.  Many of these have become highly collectible, and they sure make a beautiful holiday display!

Breyer also began making Halloween Horses in 2001.  The series "ended" spectacularly with 2007's Twilight Terror, which included lights and the sound of thunder.  A new Halloween Horse appeared in 2010, then there was another hiatus before they picked the series back up in 2014 at the request of many collectors.

Breyer's U.S. Independence Day series started with Patriot in 2016 and has continued ever since, with different styles of red, white, and blue models for the holiday.


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